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State Birds
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There are 29 different birds for all 50 states; 8 birds are used repeatedly and 21 birds are used to represent a state only once. For the birds that represent more than one state, the names of the states are centered; the state name that has the arrow beside it is the line you should stitch your state name on. Simply shift your state name upward or downward to the line with the arrow, there's no need for you to make any calculations.....I've done it for you.


A booklet with 29 Different Birds Representing All 50 States
State Birds has been designed for all of you who wish to stitch a quick project
for those you love who have a special pride for their own state. Stitch a bird in a
pillow, frame it singly or as a pair, make a five-bird bellpull or a twelve-bird afghan.
You can stitch one bird at a time or as many as you wish, making your project simple
or as complicated as you want. You'll find that as gifts for the home, they are welcome
and appreciated.

Key Benefits
Charts in the book are 70x70 stitch count

Book of 29 Designs - $5.25, includes postage
Check or Money order to: Gail A. Cooler

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